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Cubase 5, yay!

2009-03-31 19:27:31 by PGegen

Cubase 5 has just come out, and if I had any money I would get it, because it looks like it pwns now (I use SX 3 and it's getting pretty old).

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2009-04-01 02:56:33

I've uploaded the conficker virus on the servers, this site should be going down by tomorrow morning.

Have a lovely day. Yours truly,

~ Clock-Ninja


2009-04-02 05:27:45

I've tried Cubase out, and I could never get it to work for me ;__;
FL Studio is the only thing that I've managed to get any motion with, but perhaps you shouls try a demo of it, and maybe make a music commision and try and earn some income. It's worth a shot, right?

PGegen responds:

I actually just got FL Studio because everyone else on NG seems to use it. It's great for dance and trance and all other sorts of ance but it seems really counterintuitive to me. All of the big programs like Pro Tools and Logic use the same sort of sequencer paradigm and FL Studio doesn't seem to lay out a clear workflow for the user.